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About No Return: Captain Scott’s Race to the Pole

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November 2011 marked the centenary of Scott’s expedition to find the South Pole.

No Return: Captain Scott’s Race to the Pole is a stunning retelling of Captain Scott’s quest to become the first man to reach the South Pole.

In the age of discovery, Antarctica remained an unknown quantity amongst the world’s scientists and explorers. Robert Falcon Scott was amongst the pioneers who penetrated the ice and cruel weather. This book tells the story of his journey from England, the year-long preparations, which included enduring the harsh winter and euphoric explorations in the spring - culminating in the ill-fated final march to his goal, only to be beaten by the Norwegians and to suffer terrible loss - and death.

This book is a celebration of a continent and ambition that will linger long in readers’ minds.

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Paperback edition will be available from 27th March 2012
ISBN: 978 0 7344 1279 9 RRP: $17.99 PB

The author and illustrator, Peter Gouldthorpe

Peter Gouldthorpe

Peter Gouldthorpe was born in Melbourne in 1954 and now lives in Tasmania. He is recognised as one of Australia’s most versatile and skilful illustrators, who also paints landscapes, portraits and commissioned work, and designs stage sets.

View a short ABC, Stateline Tasmania feature about Peter presented by Airlie Ward here

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Interactive Map

October 24 1911

'Teddy' Evans leads the trek on motor sledges - which break down after a week.

November 1 1911

Captain Scott sets out with his party of men and horses. He is followed by Cecil Meares, who leads the third party.

November 21 1911

The three groups reunite just beyond 'One Ton Depot'.

November 30 1911

The first of the weakened ponies is shot and killed for meat.

December 5 1911

All men are confined to their tents by a blizzard.

December 11 1911

The dog team begin their return to base. The party isreduced to three teams of four as they traverse the Beardmore Glacier.

December 14 1911

Amundsen's party reaches the South Pole.

December 15 1911

Upper Glacier Depot is established at the top of the Beardmore. One group returns to base, leaving two teams - Scott, Wilson, Oates and Edgar Evans, and 'Teddy' Evans, Bowers, Lashley and Crean.

December 20 1911

Scott sends 'Teddy' Evans and his team home - but keeps Bowers back.

January 12 1912

Bowers discerns the Norwegians' flag, dog prints and sledge track. Scott's men realise they have been beaten.

January 18 1912

Commencing their return home, Scott's defeated team reach Shambles Camp and feast on provisions of horsemeat.

February 17 1912

Having suffered a fall, Edgar Evans subsequently dies at the foot of the Beardmore Glacier.

March 16 1912

Crippled by frostbite, Oates walls out, having uttered the words, 'I ma going outside and maybe some time.'

March 29 1912

Scott writes his last journal entry. It is presumed this is the date of his death.

November 12 1912

Search party locates the tent which houses the frozen bodies of Scott's team.

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